What happened?

We don’t know exactly how it started. Every one of us has already collected lots of tracking codes from cars, t-shirts etc on some event, and to make things easier mass-logged them with a tool like TB-Logger and a standard text like: Seen at event XY, thanks for showing…
There’s nothing wrong with that, but…

Someone has collected lots of codes and shares those for downloading via a QR-Code which he / she distributes at events. We’ve seen lists with more than 3000 codes and there are rumors that there are even much bigger lists.
These codes don’t belong to those individuals, but to hundreds of other geocachers, sometimes there are event hundreds of codes belonging to one owner. Unfortunately, these owners never shared their codes or gave their permission for the codes to be shared. Nevertheless they are logged, thousands of them after every single mega / giga event the same story starts again.

Do you log T5 caches if you see the box from the ground but can’t reach it?

No? Then continue reading here!